2023 CSANA Conference

16-19 March 2023

The next annual conference of the Celtic Studies Association of North America will be hosted by Virginia Tech and once again will run as a virtual on-line event, providing a forum for presenting research on any aspect of the language, literature, history, folklore and culture of the Celtic peoples (from any period) — read more

2023 Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland Conference

24-25 March 2023

The 2023 IAI Conference will take place at the Louis Fitzgerald Hotel in Dublin. The theme is 'Essential Archaeology: Recent Excavations and Research'. Beyond providing a forum for discussing issues relating to that theme, this annual event, organized by the Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland will once again offer a multitude of networking opportunities — read more

10th Celtic Students Conference

30 March - 1 April 2023

The upcoming annual Celtic Studies Students' Conference will be hosted by the University of Glasgow. It provides a unique opportunity to present and hear papers from across a range of disciplines pursued by students of all the Celtic languages — read more

36th Irish Conference of Medievalists

22-23 June 2023

The upcoming annual Irish Conference of Medievalists will once again cover a broad variety of subjects relevant to medieval studies, including history, archaeology, literature, linguistics, art history, theology, and philosophy. This year's conference will be organized by Trinity College Dublin and Dublin City Universityread more

2023 International Medieval Congress

3-6 July 2023

The next International Medieval Congress will be organized, as ususal on an annual basis, by the Institute for Medieval Studies at Leeds University, with sessions on a broad variety of themes — read more

XX UISPP World Congress

5-9 September 2023

The International Union of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences' next Word Congress will be held in Timisoara (Romania), covering a broad range of topics from world archaology — read more

42st Annual Harvard Celtic Colloquium

6-8 October 2023

As ususal, this year's Harvard Celtic Colloquium, hosted by Harvard University's Department of Celtic Languages and Literatures, welcomes paper proposals dealing with any aspect of the Celtic languages, their literatures and their cultures in any period, including papers with an interdisciplinary or theoretical perspective — read more

Rathcroghan Conference

11-12 November 2023

This year’s Rathcroghan Conference once again will discuss archaeological theories and knowledge, and under the title "Archaeology Above & Below" is encouraging community groups and individuals alike to take another look at the history that exists all around us. — read more

Bronze Age Forum

11-12 November 2023

The upcoming installment of the Bronze Age Forum will be hosted at the College Court Conference Centre in Leicester. As usual, the conference welcomes speakers from Britain, Ireland, and northwest Europe — read more

2023 UAS Discovery Conference

17-18 November 2020

The next annual instalment of the Ulster Archaeological Society's Discovery Conference will again be hosted by the Department of Archaeology & Palaeoecology at Queen's University Belfast — read more